10 times anniversary’s next

Re-opening at SATS Fridhemsplan and HotMOJO® class with a whole bunch of HotMOJO-virgins.
A favorite person of mine joined the class – and she’s always sharing her awesome energy and great vibes.

Then off to our (me and Rob’s) 9th dance event;
Robert – HouseJam
Edin – Hiphop
Thomas – Bollywood
Me – ChairBeats

I took Roberts class, and then I kind of jumped in on Thomas class as an assistant for the second part of the choreo that was a bit of partner work.
Then – I taught my own class as the very last class of the day.
Such an awesome energy – and so much passion and love for dancing in the same room. Pure Magic!

Here are two clips of our guest presenters;



Great guys, great choreos, great classes…

Friday update!

3 awesome facts of the day; 

  • BODYBALANCE® 62 is fabulous, especially the balance-track. (track no 4)
  • The heat was ON when I came to SATS Fridis to teach my hot yoga class earlier today. (when I taught my very first class there the other day, the heat had a lunch break) The studio was lovely.
  • My friday night jazz class at HoS seems to be back in biz. My awesome dance ppl are back and the energy was great tonight, many thanks for that.

TOMORROW it’s time for the 9th edition of BEATS.
You’ve seen the line up. Unfortunately our lady guest presenter, Sabina managed to get double booked – but instead we have Edin back. Yay!

You might remember the cheese-doodle-move from his class the last time?! 😉

Can’t wait to dance with the Beats-crowd again.

NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #6

It’s about time for yet another presentation, don’t you think?!
To continue the charge up for our Dance & Training Trip (42 days left)
So, dudes and dudettes – meet Lillian Concepcion.

If you went to the NIKE BLAST this year you might have seen her. She was there too, assisting Craig Smith in his class.
I’ve taken her classes at Crunch a few times and I really like her laid back style and hiphop-grooves.

Check out a video from her class here;


And, visit her website as well.

She’s teaching HipHop at Crunch, several times a week and in different locations. But Lafayette is one of them. (that’s the club where a lot of magic happens)

AfHo® in Malmö!

This weekend (that just passed by) I went back to Malmö – to spread some AfHo®love.

We did the training Gasworks Studios – and due to their class schedule I split the training in between two days.

A rather tiny crew this weekend as well, but just like the previous occasions – they really worked hard and made such an effort and I was very happy to approve, and license, five more AfHo-instructors.

The mandatory ‘Yo-pic’

I also had this little frog-dog-friend waking me up with his snoring yesterday.
Just like home…

…which made me miss my very own bulldog, a lot.

THANK YOU Malmö and all of you awesome instructors for a great weekend.

One more AfHo®training is coming up this round, september 7th in Göteborg.
Send me an email if you’re interested.

Bring the beat back…

So, I know I’m throwing out upcoming events and stuff on you every now and then… but there’s a lot of things going on now, FUN things, and I just can’t help myself.

Besides two more AfHo® instructor’s trainings (Malmö and Göteborg) upcoming weekends there’s also another Beats event scheduled.

How about this?

Hope to see you, on the chair!

Bliss on Bosön!

A few months ago I did a job for Bliss Dance.
They asked me to guest choreograph a couple of street-routines for their annual stage-performances, so I did.
I was in Göteborg and filmed the choreos in a studio the end of may, and yesterday all the Bliss Dance Instructors in the Stockholm-area had an upskilling – and inspiration – day at Bosön.
I was there to teach them one of the routines.

I’ve never taught – or worked – with kids myself so to know what youngsters between 9-11 years old like, and are able to do was a bit tricky, but it seems like Bliss and the instructors liked it and were pretty satisfied with the result.
Let’s hope that the kiddos will be as well. 🙂

At Bosön I also met the gorgeous Elaine that is working a lot with the Bliss Dance-products.
Great to see her – short, but sweet as very often in between classes.

AfHo® 2.0

Today I’ve held the second official AfHo® instructor’s training – in Stockholm this time as well.
So now, there are 11 licensed instructors in Sweden. How cool is that?
It was a rather tiny crowd – only four people – but the quality the higher and they all brought great energy and strong personalities.
Since this is a training I do completely on my own – in my name and my own brand – without a huge company, gym or education organization backing me up I know it’s gonna be a ‘build-up-phase’ but I don’t mind as long as the instructors are as strong and skilled as they’ve been so far. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

Thank you for today guys – and thank you for making my product so awesome.

Manual to learn – license to go for it! 😉

Next weekend it’s Malmö’s turn, then we’ll do it all over again.
If you want to sign up – send me an email.

NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #5

The 5th Crunch-instructor I’m gonna introduce for you is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn; hiphop-dancer, choreographer and teacher Leslie Feliciano.
The very first time I took his class was back in 2006 at Broadway Dance Centre.
I was in NYC for a month with my homie Moa – and we danced like crazy and took an insanely amount of classes.

In the very first class with him, I remember he asked the group if we had any questions, whereat all said no…
Then when we did the routine in small groups he came up and stood really close to me, like in-my-face-close, and of course I got a bit of blackout.
Afterwards he said to me;
– And you said you didn’t have any questions…
?! 😉

Then – we found out that, that is his thing. And also, that he wasn’t so scary after all,  that we thought that very first time.
So we went back and we took a quite many of his classes that month.
Besides BDC he also teaches at Crunch and have done for a long time.
Sunday afternoon at Crunch Lafayette is his time slot.

Check out his website to get more info and to see some videos.

Dream on baby…

Last night I dreamed about the filming on Super Saturday.
No panic-dream though. (they might wait until the week before, hehe)

I dreamt that one of the more athletic presenter teams (not the jam-team as you could think) were told to were ‘one pieces’ on stage and on the dvd.
Some of them got really really upset cause they didn’t want all their dieting, hard core workouts and ‘deffing’ to be a waste.
How about that? Pretty weird but pretty funny and it was super real.
I have no idea of what it meant and I strongly doubt that any presenters will be forced to wear one pieces on stage. 🙂

Anyway… if you DO like Les Mills classes, and if you’re curious about the filming – take the opportunity to participate.
This is the first time ever that the filming is happening outside New Zealand.
Each filming class costs 100 sek (10 €)  – in addition to the Super Saturday fee – and there are still spots left.

I’ll present on the BODYJAM®68 filming  – and I hope to see a lot of jammers go crazy on the dance floor.
You don’t have to be an instructor to participate on Super Saturday or the filming. Anyone can come.

See you in Globen.