Karma-AW, AfHo® for a great cause

Friday 22nd of november I’m teaching a special AfHo® class.
The fee to attend is 100 sek – and the money is going straight to ‘Young Cancer
They will also be there themselves and sell their awesome bracelets.

FRIDAY november 22nd, 18.00 (check in opens at 17.30)
Location: Nordic Wellness Tegnérgatan.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Nordic Wellness for being so generous and letting us use your studio.
They (NW) will also raffle off ten “1-monts-of-free-training” among the people that are joining us.

If you want to attend – sign up by sending an email to Åsa at event@vlhalsa.se
Then you pay upfront. Cash is king.
The first 20 ppl to show up will get a top from NIKE.

Come and score a few karma-points and shake some bootey for an excellent cause.

Photo: Pernilla P

Reflect is perfect!

After this amazing Dance & Training trip we had in NYC I headed down to Miami for a few days.
As I was reflecting over a few things in the sun (and +30 degrees of lovely heat) it hit me that I haven’t had any real time of since christmas 2011 when I was in Maspalomas, Canary Islands for a week. (A place I never need to go to again btw)

You might know this already but it was awesome to have a few days where I didn’t have anything booked or scheduled.
No curfews, no nothing at all… just vacay.
Time to think. Reflect.

So, even though I cried a little on the flight in take off, when I landed in SWE I felt refilled and boosted with inspiration, energy, happiness and harmony (and D-vitamine) from both NYC and Miami.
Well needed I’d say since this is the shittiest (pardon my french) time of the year. Late fall towards winter, then the never-ending-crap-winter.
But so far it’s been good.

I love my classes – and even more, I love my participants.
Saturday, I went to Saga Motion’s convention and presented AfHo®.

Lovely Åsa (that also took the photos above) joined the class and then we had an excellent brainstorm meeting after. She’s gonna help me with a minor charity event.
I’ll tell you more about it in a post of it’s own.

I hope I’ll see you – sooner rather than later, right?!

Welcome to NYC!

From Super Saturday to a work-weekend in Stockholm to NYC, and that’s where I’m at right now.
Right between Nolita and Chinatown to be specific.
The official Dance & Training trip started today, with a ‘meet and greet’ at W hotel in Times Square and then the entire crew headed down to Crunch Lafayette for a class called Urban Attitude.

Me and Jonas are teaching classes every day in the mornings, and then each and every one gets a one week pass at Crunch in addition to that.
We have suggested classes every day for those who want some company.
Basically – I’ve picked all my favorite classes as the daily suggestion.
Today’s class was actually the only one that I didn’t know the instructor from before. LaShawn that taught the class is pretty new to Crunch I think, and she taught the class together with a guy that seemed like her side kick.
My guess is that both of them are pretty new to teach in this way, and I loved their spirit.

The routine was to Jessie J’s Wild, and the actual style was a fusion of hiphop, jazz and afro vibes. Fun class!


I decided to dress up in ‘regular clothes’ today as I figured NO ONE in the crew have ever seen me like that.
Fun – until it started to poor down. When I came to the hotel my knitted dress was soaking wet and I looked like a drowned cat more than a chic tour guide 😉

Jonas and Moa outside Crunch after the class.

Tomorrow the first class is AfHo®.
Can’t wait.

Last week summarize…

Wow – the past week was all about Super Saturday, and the filming in Globen.
Me, Kimmo and Dorotka is presenting on the dvd of BODYJAM®68 that was filmed on Super Saturday. A long with G of course.
The NZ-crew arrived in SWE last monday, and tuesday we started the rehearsals.
I believe the BODYJAM® team rehearsed and practiced most of all teams.
Here’s my week in a few pictures.

The entire crew, G, presenters and shadows. After our second rehearsal class at SATS.

Our third rehearsal class at Hötorget

Dorotka (post spray tan) and me (pre spray tan)

Anna-Lena from Fitness Lifestyle came and took one of classes at SATS

Me and one of the spanish BODYJAM®trainers

Dorotka with the entire spanish jam-crew

Us, practicing our “opening routine” a choreo we did before class started

Me & G

A typical swedish fika-break

From the BODYJAM®66 class in Annexet

Me, right after our class… with a nice raccoon look

Åsa Maria x 2

It was a great week – with a lot of hard work and focus, but a lot of fun as well.
Can’t wait to see the result – and I sure hope it looks as good as it felt. 🙂

Blurriness is the theme at the moment…

For the first saturday in 6 weeks I didn’t have to go up super early to head off somewhere for work.
But then last night when I almost stumbled on my pile of laundry, that is overflowing out of the laundry basket that’s supposed to fit into my closet in the hallway – but now is all over my hallway  (and to close the closet-door is not possible at the moment) I just could’t ignore it anymore.

Of course – the one available time: super early saturday morning.
Just do it! As we say 😉
In one week, the usage of training clothes is pretty high so I guess it was necessary.(since this was the usage of several weeks = starting to run out of outfits)

Last night I had to sub away my beloved jazz at HoS to practice some BODYJAM®68. And so I will the upcoming friday as well.

Instead I joined Dorotka for a class she was teaching at Fridhemsplan and we made a team teach out of it
If you would like to try out the filming release you’ll have a few opportunities next week.
One of them is my regular class – TUESDAY 16.30 at SATS Fridhemsplan.

You’ll have a couple of more occations as well – stay tuned here (or at LMN’s facebook page) for further info about that.

Due to all our rehearsals and preparations for Super Saturday – there will be some more subs on my classes next week.

The classes I WILL be teaching are:
MONDAY, core & street 18 & 18.30 – St Eriksbron
TUESDAY, BODYJAM® 16.30 – Fridhemsplan (the entire crew will join me)
WEDNESDAY, BODYBALANCE® 06.45 – Fridshemsplan
FRIDAY, HotMOJO 07.00 – Spåris

Hope to see you though.

And, if you’re out for shopping spread a day like this and need some inspiration (NIKE fashion that is) – here are two favorites of mine;

Nike hoodie: 546402-063

Zebra tights – blue edition:  546410-424
And yes – sorry about the slightly blurriness – tried to cut as much as possible of the rest of me and the locker room.

Enjoy your weekend beautiful people!

AfHo® 4.0

This weekend I’m hanging out in Göteborg.
Today’s agenda was AfHo® training no four – and just as the previous three I had a blast, dancing and sweating with the new AfHo®instructors.

This means that, now – there are 20 AfHo’s in Sweden. (not to confuse with hoe’s – that’s totally different)

You know the procedure; the mandatory ‘yo-pic’, and then one ‘serious’.  😉




Stockholm again – the very first crowd.

Thank you awesome instructors – for bringing your A-game to the AfHo®classes.
It means the world to me.

10 times anniversary’s next

Re-opening at SATS Fridhemsplan and HotMOJO® class with a whole bunch of HotMOJO-virgins.
A favorite person of mine joined the class – and she’s always sharing her awesome energy and great vibes.

Then off to our (me and Rob’s) 9th dance event;
Robert – HouseJam
Edin – Hiphop
Thomas – Bollywood
Me – ChairBeats

I took Roberts class, and then I kind of jumped in on Thomas class as an assistant for the second part of the choreo that was a bit of partner work.
Then – I taught my own class as the very last class of the day.
Such an awesome energy – and so much passion and love for dancing in the same room. Pure Magic!

Here are two clips of our guest presenters;



Great guys, great choreos, great classes…

NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #6

It’s about time for yet another presentation, don’t you think?!
To continue the charge up for our Dance & Training Trip (42 days left)
So, dudes and dudettes – meet Lillian Concepcion.

If you went to the NIKE BLAST this year you might have seen her. She was there too, assisting Craig Smith in his class.
I’ve taken her classes at Crunch a few times and I really like her laid back style and hiphop-grooves.

Check out a video from her class here;


And, visit her website as well.

She’s teaching HipHop at Crunch, several times a week and in different locations. But Lafayette is one of them. (that’s the club where a lot of magic happens)

AfHo® in Malmö!

This weekend (that just passed by) I went back to Malmö – to spread some AfHo®love.

We did the training Gasworks Studios – and due to their class schedule I split the training in between two days.

A rather tiny crew this weekend as well, but just like the previous occasions – they really worked hard and made such an effort and I was very happy to approve, and license, five more AfHo-instructors.

The mandatory ‘Yo-pic’

I also had this little frog-dog-friend waking me up with his snoring yesterday.
Just like home…

…which made me miss my very own bulldog, a lot.

THANK YOU Malmö and all of you awesome instructors for a great weekend.

One more AfHo®training is coming up this round, september 7th in Göteborg.
Send me an email if you’re interested.

Bring the beat back…

So, I know I’m throwing out upcoming events and stuff on you every now and then… but there’s a lot of things going on now, FUN things, and I just can’t help myself.

Besides two more AfHo® instructor’s trainings (Malmö and Göteborg) upcoming weekends there’s also another Beats event scheduled.

How about this?

Hope to see you, on the chair!