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2001 I was signed up by Nike Sweden – and became a part of the Nike Team.
The team have changed its name several times during the years – but currently it’s a team with 10 of the most established top-instructors in Sweden, called Nike Master Trainers.
I presented at the prestigious Nike Blast Sweden (back then Nike Convention) at 2003 for the first time – and have done every year since then.  Over the years I’ve done lots and lots of awesome jobs and events with Nike, both in Sweden and international.

When Les Mills Nordic launched BODYJAM® in Sweden 2006, I became the very first trainer in the program. These days I’m a Les Mills Trainer & Presenter in BODYJAM® and BODYBALANCE®/BODYFLOW®.
2008 I got invited to New Zealand to film BODYJAM®47 – where I’m one of the dvd presenters. Also, I’m performing in 15 BODYJAM®commercials that was made for MTV Europe in 2007.
I’ve presented at Les Mills events all over the world. At our very own gigantic Super Saturday obviously, repeatedly, but also at several mega- and super quarterlies in the US, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark etc.

I run my own company within dance & training, and a bit of writing.
Since about year 2000 I’ve been presenting at conventions and events on regular basis both in Sweden and international.
In Sweden I’ve been presenting at all the major events and conventions – and I’ve also been traveling all over the country for inspiration days, guest classes and workshops.
Besides the US where I’ve been working a lot, I’ve been invited to Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Portugal, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic for instance, to take part in different events.

During several periods of time I’ve been living, and working in New York City – where I’ve been working at Crunch gym, and also for Les Mills US.
In 2009 I got to launch my own concept; Tribal House Party at Crunch, as one of their news.

During one of my early stays in NYC I was guest blogging for “Topphälsa” that’s one of the leading fitness & lifestyle magazines in Sweden.


The past years I’ve been writing a bit for the swedish Fitness Magazine.
For five numbers in a row in 2010/11 I had my own page; Åsa & the City – where I tried and wrote about different fitness trends in NYC, and in # 8/11 – I wrote the profile of the month-article that’s the biggest article in each issue.

An article that I was portrayed in myself back in 2003.
An excerpt of the article is avalible here.