Afro House Dance Party that will rock your body & soul.

AfHo® is my very own dance concept – launched in the early 2013.
AfHo® got it’s own website, with all the necessary info in swedish, including current dates for upcoming trainings.

Short on AfHo®
It’s an easy going dance class in the form of training – with a lot of energy, feel and drive. The focus is mainly on feeling and to let loose, more than advanced choreography.

The strongest influences are Afro and House (AfHo ®)

Afro as in large dynamic movements that open up and release – really good for stiff upper backs, forward-rotating shafts and limited upper body mobility.
Besides that it is benefiting for your mobility, you can also think of it as core training in a ‘dancy’ way since most movements are based from your center and improves both body control, core stability and posture.

House – as in footwork and jackin ‘, where you will be able to stimulate coordination and motor skills.  The groove and the ‘coolness’ makes sure you get a good feeling in your body and you can let go, and let lose without any prestige or performance anxiety.

Simply;  functional movements of joy.

The education is a one day training and it’s a concept-training, so it aims to you who already teach and have some kind of initial/basic training.
If you pass the training = licensed AfHo®instructor.

Every fourth month you get a new release – with exclusive AfHo®music.
As an AfHo®-instructor you commit to teach at least two of the original blocks from the release.
In addition to that you have the option to combine with choreo-blocks from previous releases.
The break down is not set to the music – which will give you more freedom as an instructor to find your personal twist, and also to adjust it to the group you’re teaching for.
How ever – there are a few guide lines to the break down, as will be applied in the instructor’s training.

Fees; (in SEK)
Instructor’s training 2 995 sek ex moms (VAT 6%) 

The license is tied to the instructor – so it’s your personal license.
Without a valid license you are not allowed to teach any classes.
To maintain your license and to receive the materials, every instructor will be charged a license fee every fourth month (3 times a year)
Currently 550 sek ex moms (VAT 25%)

  • Aftonbladet came to my press event, read how they liked it here.
  • A few bloggers also came to my press event, to read their thoughts of AfHo® – you can find all the links here.Check out these clips of AfHo®

    AfHo® at the Ultimate Workout Boozt 2015

    AfHo® at the NIKE BLAST 2014

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    Tribal House (the previous name) at Blogger Boot Camp 2011

    Check out my Youtube-channel to see more clips.


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