Street Beat

A commercial hiphop class where we play with the music, the feel,  and the contrasts in the movements. Sharp and edgy meets smooth and slick. Find the bounce and get low.

Girly Groove

A commercial hiphop/street jazz class with a feminine vibe. Let’s get girly and let’s be proud of it.

Urban Jazz

A streetjazz class with a lot of feel and a lot of passion. The rhythm, the music and the choreo works together and concepts as to much, to big or over the top doesn’t exists in this class. Just let go!

Sassy Jazz

A dance class with the roots in the traditional jazz technique, with a show dance-twist on it. Inflenced as well from contemporary, musicals and mtv. Lights, camera & action!

Lyricalish jazz

A dance class with the roots in the traditional jazz technique, with a modern/contemporary and lyrical twist on it. Soul, heart & drama!

AfHo (Afro House, previous Tribal House)

A fun fusion class. Let’s combine the big dynamic afro movements with the house footwork and jacking-feel. Add some dancehall influences and a bit of Åsa F-style to that. Let go, feel free and just dance!

Afro Tribal

An dynamic dance class inspired from african dance, with influences from house and ragga. Big movements that involves the entire body, and that helps open up and release your upper body in particular. The rhythm of the drums help you find the right feel and flow.


Get long and limber, and slow it down for a while. Let your body recover and re-energize by extending your muscles. Effective and functional stretches for both bigger and smaller group of muscles. This class is a perfect way to end an inspirationday or a workshop.

Les Mills classes…

Les Mills dance concept. An easy and fun dance fusion cardio class with a lof of different dance styles in the same class. Instead of doing one long routine we do a couple of shorter. Easy to rememer and easy to follow.


A class where the main influences come from yoga, thai chi, pilates and dance. Improve your flexibily, strenght, balance and your mental focus. Get long and strong, centered and calm to easy going and uplifting music.

Besides master classes I also offer workshops, trainings, and educations of various kinds.

For example within:
* Choreography and creativity
* Coaching skills & pedagogy
* Quality of movements and technical skills
* Music and rhythm – how to combine music, move and feel
* Etc.
The workshop and trainings can be exclusive composed after your wishes and requests.

I also provide initial trainings and inspirational workshops in AfHo and Afro Tribal.