WIN my CD!

So, yesterday I got this email from Swedebeat… which means that the physical CD is available in stock – ready to be ordered.

I’m really happy with (and proud of) the result – and I’m gonna play it real loud in my class tonight.

You can buy it as an actual CD – or you can simply download it.

OR – you can win one, right here – right now. I’m raffling of a cd here at the blog.
All you need to do to join, is to:
like my public page on facebook (if you’re not doing that already)
then, make a comment below – where you tell me your phattest hiphop-moment/memory of 2012.

Peace out!

My new album… (how cool is that?!)

Once again I’ve had the honor to collaborate with Swedebeat – and compiled a cd of my very own.
Hiphop 02!
It is awesome and I can’t wait to use it in class.
The mix is done – and the actual cd is on its way.
You can order it online, at the Swedebeat-site very soon.
Probably sometime during next week.

It is two different mixes on the same cd; one slow hiphop, and one uptempo hiphop.
In the end it’s a ‘final mix’ that you can use for both a slower tempo – or in the double pace (it’s really cool) and then it finishes off with a cooldown.
So – if you’re longing for some new hot music for your classes – go for it!


Yesterday I went to see Jennifer Lopez in Globen.

This is her first world tour – and you could really tell.. by the firework, the smoke, the laser, the confetti, the glitter and the energy! BOOM!

She performed some of her old tunes – and visually I liked the ‘Back to the Bronx’-block the most. So hot! And cool!

Like I posted on my facebook page after the concert; it was a real shut-the-fuck-up-show, definitely nothing less than expected from J.Lo
More like a lot more.
She sounded awesome live! She’s so beautiful that it’s almost ridiculous! She can dance! And then add a kick ass show with 8 FIERCE dancers, and all the stuff that I wrote above. SUCCESS!!

She didn’t touched my soul in the same magic way that Lady Gaga did – but it was a great and sexy injection of energy, inspiration and FUN!

I’m sure pretentious music reviewers have another opinion – but I LOVED it!
(I take pride in not beeing as pretentious as most reviewers are, ha! )

MUSIC makes the world go round…

I Love lOve loVe lovE LOVE music – I always have.
It’s a major part of my life.
Dance might be my favourite way of expression and emotions – but music is pretty close – they kind of work together and highlight each other, right?
Music can motivate and help you through anything such as a tough run, tiredness, heart break…
And when you’re happy – it can make you even happier, uplifted and just wanting to shake your ass off… Do you agree?

Even the most macho gangsta – and trashy rock dude (or chica) express feelings and emotions through music. Isn’t that awesome?

So – what would the world be like without music?

Imagen having a song personally written for/to you – that would be the best gift ever. (for me)
Like Jay Z’s ‘Glory’ to baby Blue Ivy, or Britney and Justin, by all means, hehe…

Actually – I went to a party once where I met this musician, and apparently I made an impact on her, cause after that I heard that she wrote a song called Åsa’s blues inspired by me being so cool (Yeah – I know?!) unfortunately I’ve never heard it.

Songs I DO wish was written for/to/about me;


As you might notice I’m a bit of a sucker for these smooth r’n’b-tunes!!

Do you have a favorite pep-power-song, or a wishitwaswritten4me-song? Which one?

Film shoot in NYC…

When I was in NYC last month I met my friend, co-worker and fellow Nike Master Trainer Fredrik, who was there with his boyfriend that was on a work mission in NYC.

His boyfriend have a band, and they were there shooting a music video for one of their songs – which is a contribution for Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

They needed a cool NYC-gal in a sequence 😉 so, of course I was in, when they asked.
So in a brief moment you can actually see me lip sync. How about that?
Here’s the result

And if you’re in to german and get how to do it; VOTE!!

New Series on the Blog!

Yo people!
Time for a new series on the blog, don’t you think.
This time one called the group fitness exercise of the week = the GFX of the week.
It can be a hot new trend, or a class that already exists and rocks, or maybe a class that undeserved ended up a little in the shade.
How about that?
The first post will appear here on MONDAY! Stay tuned.

With this song I just want to wish you a happy midsummer if you celebrate the holiday that is – and if not let’s just celebrate summer and an awesome upcoming weekend.

And if that track makes you like; hey what is this – and what’s that Step Up Revolution thing?!
Is it another Step Up movie with a bit poor contents but yet a must see since it’s a dance movie…?
Yeah, it is!

Jazz up the weekend!

Thursday = Jazzday, and I’ll teach my classes. Come and jazz yourself up before midsummer.

We will continue on the new routine from last week.

Entire 2.0 list!

Here’s a list of all the today’s songs for this round.
If you have any great tips for me – any tunes that you think I’d like to listen to. Shoot!

1. Starships – Nicki Minaj
2. Primadonna – Marina & the Diamonds
3. Live My Life – Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber
4. Drinks – Lil Jon ft LMFAO
5. Ni**as in Paris – JAY Z & Kanye West
6. Frontline – Princess Nyah
7. B-Day Song – Madonna ft M.I.A
8.  Booty Wurk (One Cheek At A Time) – T.Pain ft Joey Galaxy
9. Turn All The Lights On – T-Pain ft Ne-Yo
10. Dumb – Flo Rida ft Trina & Pleasure P.
11. Captive – Chris Brown
12. Cockiness (Love It) – Rihanna
13. Back In Time – Pitbull
14. Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj
15. Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull
16. Put Your Graffiti On Me – Kat Graham
17. King Of Hearts – Cassie
18a. Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre ft Snoop Dogg
18b. Naughty Girl – Beyonce
19. Young, Wild and Free – Snoop Dogg & Wix Khalifa ft Bruno Mars
20. Bed – J.Holiday

T.S. # 20

I’ll finish this round of the today’s song-series with yet another classic tune (no, it doesn’t have to be THAT old to be a classic in my world)

If you google love song, or make out song – this is what you should find.
Awesome, and timeless!

Bed – J.Holiday
From the album Back of My Lac’ that released 2007

T.S. # 19

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not promoting smoking weed or drinking, or anything similar.
(I’m not one to prohibit either – it’s up to each and everyone what they wanna do)

But I do like this song from late 2011. And I’ve always liked Snoop – obviously!

So therefore, here’s is today’s song!

Young, Wild and Free – Snoop Dogg & Wix Khalifa feat. Bruno Mars

Released on iTunes october 2011.