On hour of free time…

…leads to thoughts like this!

You know… weeks like this, when something as horrible as the tragical plane accident happens – and 9/11 is becoming fresh in our memories again with it’s 10-year memorial day (to mention a few of all the things that’s going on in our world) I feel more than ever that I don’t want to spend my time or energy on a lot of unimportant, unnecessary BS-things.

Lovely Camilla wrote this post earlier this week – I know we know all this, but it went straight to my heart.

I don’t need that overwhelming to happen in my life though before I realise what’t important, so I try to really do the most out of it. Always!
And I’ve become so much better at it as well. It might be an age thing but I don’t think so – more like a maturity/self-esteem thing. It really doesn’t matter – I’m just happy to go from strength to strength.

And, instead of doing things so I can take a photo to post on my blog or on facebook I wanna do the things cause I’m enjoying them at the very moment of it.
And therefore I’m not as good as many of my friends to share my experiences in pics, sorry about that! (and sometimes I just don’t wanna do it.)

At our wedding – we didn’t allowed speeches – for a bit of the same reason.
If I have friends and family that loves me and are proud of me – that’s something I’d rather hear in my everyday life, over and over – than in a formally speech in one particular day when they’re kind of expected to say it. Right?!

You don’t have to agree (as always) – this is just my opinion.

And I do love all my friends, my family and the beautiful people around me that helps make my life pink and shiny – and just awesome!
Thank you for beeing a part of my life, and for letting me be a part of yours.
I know it can be over in a blink of an eye – but until then:
I wish for all of us to really live, experience, and feel alive –  fully out.
I.R.L – of course ; )

So with this in my mind I’m gonna dive into two of the things I’ve been waiting for long enough now – and make a serious effort for them to really happen.. before it’s to late.

And along with that, I’m gonna prepare for tonight’s class – and for tomorrow’s guest class at Njoy, Örebro!

Happy weekend y’all beautiful people!
(Don’t you just long for the season premiere of GG?! I know I do…)

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