Presenter by profession?!

There is one question that I get a lot, and especially this past year – it’s been frequent.
And that is how you become a presenter at events and conventions on regular basis.
How you make a living out of it.

So if you do wonder, and believe that I can help – here are some of my best tips.

It’s not hard to get one or a few conventions – most instructors will be asked to present at some kind of event sooner or later.
But if that’s something you wanna keep doing – and last – you probably wanna use these occations smart, right?! 

So when that happens, be prepared!
* Know your choreo – and know how to teach it.
And, know your music. With other words.. teach the class before the event it self.

* Find out what kind of crowd it is.
Not that you should adjust your self after them – keep your style and flair, but you might wanna adjust the level after the crowd.
Most events are far from the Nike Blast where people are maniacs (in a good way, of course) and the level is super high.
And you can’t really compare with your regular crowd either, that you teach for every week.
Remember – it’s the participants that are supposed to expercience the magic – not you in first hand! 😉 And you only got one class to create that magic.

* If you like to be in control – find out what the venue/studio looks like. If there’s a stage or not, for example.

* Do your own thing – DO NOT COPY someone else!
So, stick to your own creations. Of course we have people and events that we get inspired of – we all do (hopefully) and that’s a good thing.
But when you do present a master class, make sure it’s your own thing, it’s just embarrassing if you’re “borrowing” someone elses.
And you don’t wanna get the rumour of beeing a copy cat or a biter – right?!

And also…
I believe in taking charge of situations, so if you want something to happen – make it happen. At least try to – and seem like you want it to.  
Don’t be afraid to offer your services and let people know about your existence and what you can provide.
How ever, we live in a country with the mentality that if you’re to eager people can find you annoying, or to on to it.
But if you ask me: rather be a little bit over the top than lazy and with the attitude of ‘what ever’.
The chance to succeed is a lot bigger for a person that’s creative and willing to make an effort than someone that just want’s to have everything on a plate.
So be open, easy going,  easy and smooth to work with, quick replies, straight answers, keep track of what’s up.. and so on.

Don’t volonteer!
It’s a different between beeing flexible and a sell out. 
Cause even though you might be new(er) it’s still a profession.
It’s your brand, your product. So don’t give that away just because “it’s so fun”.
Keep also in mind that you ruin for all the serious people in the biz if you work for free – which means that ultimately – you’ll ruin for yourself.
If you want this to be your profession, don’t lower your own value.

Do what you know, and can.
There might be a situation where you’re asked to teach a class that you don’t really work with – but you just want to take part so badly. So you’d do anything.
But think – isn’t it better to do your thing really great and create this buzz around it – that will lead to more job,  rather than teaching a random class that no one will remember – or even worse, that’ll be a crap class.
So, instead of beeing afraid and saying yes to anything – suggest something where you can deliver!

Don’t see all your co-workers as competition in a negative way.
I believe in karma. If you’re a supportive person you’ll get support right back. Right?!
Don’t we want this teny tiny business to grow and develope?!
I do at least – it’s about time!
Cause in the end that will create more job opportunities for all of us.
Then there has to be room for all kinds of people with different directions and specialties.

And if I may say so – I hope for even more originality, variety and range in the future. 

One last thing – don’t waste good opportunities.
Like the Nike Top Instructor for example. That’s a great way of getting your career moving in the right direction, if you’re in to dancy classes.
Don’t consider yourself to be to good for things like this – and the phone will probably call any minute with a great offer without you even doing anything.
If it does, then good for you – but what if it doesn’t?

Be aware of all the opportunities that already exists. And/or create your own.
You don’t have to do like everybody else ‘just cause’ you know…

Don’t know if this helps.. but either way, I really wish you GOOD LUCK – and I’m looking forward to see all of you who’s aiming for it – on the convention stage – sooner or later. 🙂

From my first real big convention, a Nike convention in Kiev, Ukraine back in 2000. That was the kick off to a lot of awesome events for me.

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