Serious recovery!

A week with 7 classes, instead of my 12 regulars.
I’m not at my very best at the moment.
Damn this cold – or flu – or what it is.
I don’t like sub away the classes – but yesterday when I taught I felt my heart beating crazy fast and crazy hard, and it felt not good at all,  so I had to find a sub for my jazz lesson tonight. Unfortunatley! 🙁

So, this weekend will be all about recovery – cause I don’t have the time to no not be well.
Not so much training with other words.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?
If you’re well,  and in Stockholm, I think you should walk by Sportlife Östermalm on sunday for a class or two, and donate some cash to benefit for fighting breast cancer.
It’s the network bloggar om träning that are doing its own version of a pink ribbon event.
Email for further info and details.

Enjoy your weekend!

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