Xmas Schedule – and more…

The fall semester is about to end, and it’s only a couple of weeks left.
I hope to see you these last weeks as well though.
You know it’s now – when it’s dark outside, when you might feel a lack of energy along with stress coming up for the christmas – this is when you need the boost of energy and endorphins you get from the training the MOST! And, the sense of cozy calmness that will follow after…
So, don’t give up just yet!
Stick with your training all the way – and then have a real quality recovery/rest over the holiday.
That’s how I’m gonna do it this year at least. : )

I’ll be teaching all week, next week – which is the last week of fall schedule.
After that – I’m teaching:
Mon 19th dec core 18.00 & street 18.30 @ St Eriksbron
Tue 20th dec BODYBALANCE™11.00 @ Hötorget, core 12.30 @ Tule
Wed 21th dec BODYBALANCE™ 06.45, street 17.30 @ Fridhemsplan

Mon 2nd jan core 18.00 @ St Eriksbron
Wed 4th jan BODYBALANCE™ 06.45, street 17.30 @ Fridhemsplan

Spring schedule begins w. 2, january 9th. 
I’ll be away the first couple of days though – and my first classes of spring-12 will be thursday january 12th; jazz & core @ odenplan.

You will have an opportunity to dance with me before that though… at the Beatz 2.0!
Me and Robert are doing a New Year-beatz, for all of you who wants to get rid of your holiday laziness and food coma by DANCING!!!

Saturday january 7th!
At Saga Motion – the same studio as last time. Which means – space is limited. You need to sign up if you wanna come.

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