Karma Classes

Karma Classes is a project I started up fall 2018

Nobody Can Do

But Everybody Can Do 

With all the craziness, ignorance and arrogance that’s going on in the world at the moment I feel like compassion, empathy and consideration and awareness is more important than ever.

You give what you get, for sure.
One minor way for me to give back will be through these classes.

Every now and then,  I’ll teach a class – different style and different location every time, and most important  – I’ll bring awareness to a different cause every time.
Based on donations only.
You come – and you donate what ever suits you and your current cashflow.

ALL INCOME goes straight to a charity that I’ve chosen for that particular occasion.
I’ll only use locations/venues that will contribute with good karma and their space free of charge


WELCOME, let’s do good – and feel good 

Karma Classes History: 

20/1, 2024 
Presentet at the charity event, Move by Heart that raised  30 500 sek to Tilia 

#5 – 3/7, 2020 
We raised 1800 sek for Black Lives Matter
Thank You House of Shapes for hosting us

# 4 – 17/5, 2019
We raised 3800 sek to Hundhjälpen
Thank You Nordic Wellness Tegnérgatan for hosting us 

# 3 – 16/12, 2018
Yoga Flow
We raised 2 790 sek to Giving People
Thank You SATS Sportpalatset for hosting us

# 2 – 2/11, 2018
We raised 2900 sek to Barncancerfonden
Thank you House of Shapes for hosting us

# 1 – 12/10, 2018
Dance Detox Flow
We raised 1900 sek to the organisation Mind
Thank you Homie Fitness for hosting us


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