Weekly Classes & Upcoming Events


SPRING 2024 at SATS:
Mon 10.00 Hot Yoga Release Fridhemsplan
Mon 12 00 Vinyasa Flow, Sportpalatset
Mon 17.00 Vinyasa Flow, Scheelegatan
Mon 18.30 Street Sportpalatset

Tue 10.30 Hot Vinyasa Flow, Fridhemsplan
Tue 15.00 Hot Yoga Release Fridhemsplan 
Tue 16.45 Pilates, Hornstull

Wed 10.00 Hot Vinyasa Flow Spårvagnshallarna
Wed 11.00 Hot Yoga Release Spårvagnshallarna
Wed 17.15 Vinyasa Flow Odenplan
Wed 18.15 Jazz Odenplan

Thu: 12.00 Hot Yoga Release Spårvagnshallarna
Thu: 16.00 Hot Gentle Vinyasa Fridhemsplan

Fri 11.00 Hot Vinyasa Flow Fridhemsplan
Fri 12.00 Hot Yoga Release Fridhemsplan

SPRING at House of Shapes
Thu: 18.00 Jazz (intermediate)

Check this out – I’m featured in the online magazine, Women On Top 


April 12th & 13th, NIKE TRAINING LAB 

May 25th,  EX Hudiksvall

August 24th, My very own Anniversary DANCE EVENT 

September 3rd – 8th, Dance Detox NYC (10th time anniversary) 

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