Is my first love – and it’s in for the long run.

As I see it you can join the art of dancing in all kinds of levels; train it, use it as exercise, teach it, perform it, or just enjoy it as an audience. There are no restrictions or limitations as long as you don’t create them to yourselves.
Regardless what my job might be within the world of dance – my mission is to connect and supply what I feel inside when I move to the music.
If I can make the people around me feel just a tiny bit of what I feel, I consider it a success.


I’ve spent a lot of time and energy (and still do) in different educations.
My dance related education started with the dance program at high school (gymnasium)  at Skytteholms gymnasiet. After that followed the preparatory school at the Ballet Adacemy, the professional dance program at Danscenter, and pedagogy courses within street and jazz at Danshögkolan – all in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have spent many and longer periods of time in the US  for further training and development; mainly in New York City at Broadway Dance Centre and Peridance, but also at the Culture Shock in San Diego and  Madonna Grimes studio (to mention one) in Los Angeles.

In younger age I also went through the 3-year show dance program at Lasse Kühler’s dance school.



I have several shorter educations and certifications in my back pack from Les Mills, S.A.F.E.-educations, SATS and the Academy to mention a few. In all kinds of areas.


I have studied rhetoric at the university of Södertörn and practical journalism at Poppius journalism school.

I’m also a certified massage therapist, educated at Axelsons Gymnastiska Institut,


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