1 week later…

Updating of the blog haven’t been my priority the past week.

Super Saturday was awesome!
I presented the BODYJAM® master class in Globen with Mysti and Kimmo. I’ve been teaching with both of them several times so it felt super relaxed and fun!
We had a great time on stage together, and I think the crowd could feel that as well.
I’ve got such nice and sweet comments and cred about the class.
THANK YOU!! It truly warms my heart. Love to you all! I’ll save your kind words for an ice cold day. ; )

And THANKS to the gala crew that joined us on stage for some shufflin’. You are awesome!
And – of course – many THANKS to all you fierce jammers that shaked your asses and rocked the dance floor.
Vladi filmed a piece of the class:

And if you wanna see some photos from the day – go to Åsas blogg. She was live blogging straight from Globen and she had her own photographer that was taking pics from all the classes.

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