2013 = Inspiration!

January 1st.
What a beautiful day to be born at.
You’ll forever be no 1. (you january kids you know what I’m talking about)

Did you make any new year’s resolutions this year?
For me – that’s a waste of time. It’s better to just do the things you wanna do – and pass the things you don’t want to do.
For example;
If you’re a creative person that have a lot of ideas and thoughts – but maybe not as much of a “doer” I don’t think a resolution will help you to enforce the ideas more efficient.

How ever – if you get some help from another person that help you to focus and be more on to it – it will. Like a coach or a therapist, for example.

OR – if you’re a principled and energetic person – that takes pride in always pursuing things – but perhaps you’re a bit stuck in your way of thinking and see things. Then go for a person that can help you change perspective, turn your mind up side down and maybe even question you for a bit.

I believe a lot more in stuff like that rather than make up a bunch of promises that last for a week – or a month.

And, never ever forget – inspiration is everywhere, so is magic. You just have to open up. Your eyes, attitude, mind and mindset.
Instead of taking a picture of a moment and post it – LIVE it!

Happy 2013!


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