A sunday…

…very well spent with my BODYJAM®dvd – and in front of the mirror.
And a quick date with Åsa E that was up this weekend for a Les Mills gig.

The event for the weekend: Topphälsa Training Camp STHLM – that the magazine Topphälsa organized was a hit.
A lot of lovely people with a great vibe and spirit in the same room. Awesome!
Two of the ladies that came for the event was Eva and Cathrine from Norrköping
And Cathrine gave me a book that she wrote (how cool is that?!) – as a thank you for inspiring her to dare herself to dance – and she felt successful.
I got really happy (and proud of course) – THANK YOU!! Can’t wait to read it. : )

Yesterday I presented my Tribal House class – and it was a lot of fun. I had some great support from these lovley chicas that came out and joined me for my class.
Annie, Maria and Caroline!

The class after mine was Ruffie-training. Some cozy sweaty hugging : )

It felt (and looked) like the people that came were all very happy with their weekend, and so am I! Thanks again Frida, Erika and the rest of Topphälsa for inviting me.

Now – back to BODYJAM®practice.
Friday night it’s the best of class here in Stockholm – and saturday it’s qw time in Malmö.
And a couple of jam-sessions during the week, I’m guessing.
Happy sunday night beautiful people!

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