Today’s been dedicated to BODYJAM® 58!
I learned the first half last week and did a little test run of it in Växjö – and today I’ve learned the back half as well.
First at home – and then I went to the gym to practice on a bigger space.
Next step is to teach and coach a couple of classes to actual participants.

BODYJAM® is Les Mills dance program – which is celebrating 5 years in Sweden 2011.
The program has changed quite a bit since it’s launch in 2006!
In different directions – back and forward, right and left.. but mostly forward! 🙂

But what is BODYJAM® 2011, really?
I often get some preconceptions about the class – from people that never tried it, or participated a few times a couple of years ago…

It’s an easy (easy to execute) dance cardio class. With focus on cardio. The big movements, the intensity and the fact that it is easy to follow makes it a great workout.  
In comparison to dance aerobics I’d say BODYJAM® is not as fast and static as (most) classes and the feel is more dancy.
And, the biggest difference is that it’s divided into two blocks with a recovery in the middle. So instead of doing one long routine it’s two or three shorter  – each and everyone in different dance/music styles.

If you compare it to a freestyle dance class like street, ragga or house etc. it’s much easier and much less detailed – and more of a cardio class.
For example, BODYJAM® it’s a great start if you want to get a feel for different styles and then aim to move on to more detailed and choreographed dance classes.
Or – if you’re looking for a class where you simply can get lost and go crazy for an hour without have to think that much – this is the class to attend! Fo shizzle!

It’s a happy party workout – that get all kinds of people around the world to move. And it builds confidence!

The fact that it is such a mainstream class which activates so many people is one of the reasons that I like it.
In Sweden it feels like easy often can be synonymous with cheesy and a bit nerdy. (within the dance based range of classes)
And I don’t believe that’s necessary what people want.
BODYJAM® is simple to perform but still with a feel of beeing cool, fun and dancy! 

Now – when I say it’s easy to perform, I mean from a participants perspektive. It’s not as easy to teach it. It demands a bit of work and time to learn the choreos and you need to be able to adapt easily to different kind of styles.

So, as in most classes, you need to like the program to become good at it – in combination with some skills.

There are two initial trainings in Stockholm this fall – one in September and one in December. I’m holding them both (as it seems now at least) so if you wanna become an instructor; come join me for a weekend!

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