My weekend’s been energetic, fun and intense – but I guess not as intense as my for my students.

When you attend an initial training it’s a lot to take in, adapt and pay attention to during three days. And the group of this past weekend did an awesome job with that!
So, thank you for your attention and for beeing serious with your mission of becoming BODYJAMMERS, along with your positive and happy vibes!!
I know you’re gonna ROCK!

It was a small group, only 7 people – since this was a training that was added extra in the schedule fairly recently.
So the crowd didn’t have to fight about the attention or the space which contributed to a quicker and easier learning and a relaxed environment.

We were at Sportlife Hornsgatan – maybe the tiniest gym in Stockholm!
(or one of them at least)
It worked out well though, and we had a great thai food place next door. Lovely!

The september-11 crowd of BODYJAM® rockstars!

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