NYC-Crunch-Instructors-presentation #4

My fourth presentation – of some of the excellent instructors you will have opportunity to experience at our Dance & Training Trip this fall – is of a fierce woman that I’ve mentioned many times before when I’ve been in New York.

Ms Nadia Zaki.
I first got to know her through her sister, Susanne Zaki – that’s also an amazing dancer, instructor and former swedish Nike Trainer.
Nadia’s originally from Göteborg – but have been living in NYC for ever and she’s teaching both at Crunch and Equinox  – as well as doing her own awesome events, retreats and trips all over the world.
She’s also been to the NIKE BLAST in Stockholm, several times and NIKE BLAST Helsinki as well.
She’s not just an amazing dancer, but – like I’ve wrote many times before –  also a great teacher, that really want her participants/students to learn and progress.
No matter what kind of class she’s teaching.

Besides dance, she’s teaching yoga, and then she’s also have her own classes/concepts like Inner Strength – which basically is a strength/technique class for dancers, and Inner Warrior that’s a fusion of yoga and martial arts.

I get emails and questions all the time from people that are traveling to NYC and want recommendations of classes/teachers they can try and I always tell them to go take one of Nadia’s classes.
NYC is lucky to have her I’d say.

Nadia is teaching at Crunch Lafayette on wednesday evenings – and have done for a long time – and hopefully the schedule stays the same for the fall season.

Apparently I haven’t taken any good pics of Nadia so if you wanna se what she looks like – check out her website.

NYC-Crunch-instructors-presentation #2

So the second awesome Crunch-instructor I’m gonna introduce to you (who’s joining our trip) is another fierce and talented guy, Derek Mitchell. 
I took his class back in 2006 for the very first time. At Crunch Union Sq.
Then I’ve taken his classes at Broadway Dance Centre several times.
He actually left Crunch for a while but the members really wanted him to come back,  and begged for it – so he did.

The past few years I’ve helped Lina (that’s in charge of the NIKE BLAST here in Sweden) with suggesting  – and the booking of – dance presenters and he was one of the presenters I tipped her about for 2013.  He taught two great classes, street jazz and contemporary.

He’s been choreographing for S.Y.T.Y.C.D Ukraine for several seasons and he is traveling a lot teaching and doing workshops.
He’s fast, fun and I just love his style – both choreo – and teaching wise.

Check out his latest street jazz choreo from class here.

Last season he taught at Crunch Lafayette – just like Craig. That’s the club where they have most street/hiphop-classes. Don’t know his exact time slots for fall-13, but my guess is that he’ll be at the same location.

NYC-Crunch-instructors-presentation #1

So – for you (who’s joining our trip) to get to know some of all the amazing NYC-Crunch-instructors a bit better – I’ll give you a minor presentation of them.
One at a time, here on the blog.
First out is Mr Craig Smith.

I first met him several years ago in Holland when I was there for the NIKE Rockstar train-the-trainer-session.  He was our trainer. 🙂

Craig is an amazing dancer, choreographer, teacher and instructor.
He’s been performing with several artists, like Beyonce, Rihanna and Brandy to mention a few of the most well known.
He’s been working with NIKE for many years in the US and been presenting at conventions in Asia a lot.
2012 when NIKE FINLAND asked if I had any great tips for them I suggested him, and they brought him there.
2013 we invited him to NIKE BLAST Stockholm and he presented two awesome classes.

During 2013 he’s been on a promotion tour as a Hard Candy Master Trainer to promote Madonna and her gym chain Hard Candy – as she’s gone world wide with it.

He’s teaching ‘funk’ at Crunch which basically can mean any style within street dance.
I always takes his classes when I’m in NYC, and it can be dancehall or hiphop – old school or new school. It’s a lot of variety in his classes, and he’s just awesome.
And humble!

The past seasons he have been teaching at Crunch Lafayette tuesday nights, 18.30 – and when I asked him a few weeks ago he thought the time slot would stay the same for fall-13.

Me & Craig at NIKE BLAST Helsinki 2012.

Dance & Training trip to NYC!

August is here, two more months until our Dance & Training Trip to NYC is about to happen.
If your vacay is over and you need something to look forward to this might be it.
It’s gonna be a week of dancing, training, inspiration, energy-boosting and of course good times.

There are still some spots left – but they are not unlimited and we will close the registration. Not quite yet though.

Besides daily classes with me and Jonas – everyone that joins us will get a temporary membership at Crunch gym that’s valid from oct 7th – oct 14th and it will give you unlimited access to all their clubs.
Crunch have 10 locations in Manhattan. Check out their website to see exactly where they are.
You can not book classes at Crunch (not even their ‘all year-members’ can do that) so it’s all drop in.
Heads up – if you’re checking the schedule now already, remember that it’s still summer schedule with reduced amount of classes.

If you’re in to dance classes you have some really fierce classes to look forward to.
With awesome dancers/teachers.
Many of them teach both at Broadway Dance Centre, Peridance and Steps etc. as well.
I was thinking that it would be a fun idea to give you a closer presentation of some of all these awesome instructors – and tomorrow the first one will appear here on my blog.

Here’s a preliminary schedule of our (me & Jonas) classes; 
Åsa: AfHo®
Jonas Burlesque
Åsa: Street
Jonas: Broadway Basics
Åsa: Jazz
Jonas: Urban Funk
Åsa & Jonas NTC (Nike Training Club) in Central Park
Åsa & Jonas Yoga/Flexibility
Åsa: Girly Groove
Jonas: Urban Funk
Åsa: Street Jazz
Jonas: Broadway Basics pt II
Jonas: DanceJam

Our classes will be in a separate studio – we can not give you any exact location for that just yet. It’s a bit to soon to reserve, and it’s also depending on how many that will join us. But most likely somewhere in Midtown which is easy and quick to go to no matter where in Manhattan you’re staying.

Then – we will pic a class everyday for all of us to attend together.
Like a common activity, for those who’s up for that.

You’ll get an exact schedule a couple of weeks before departure.

We are so looking forward to this trip.
If you want to sign up – or just ask a question or two, don’t hesitate to email me:

Here’s me – participating in the anti gravity yoga class that’s been a real success-class at Crunch the past years.