NYC-Crunch-instructors-presentation #2

So the second awesome Crunch-instructor I’m gonna introduce to you (who’s joining our trip) is another fierce and talented guy, Derek Mitchell. 
I took his class back in 2006 for the very first time. At Crunch Union Sq.
Then I’ve taken his classes at Broadway Dance Centre several times.
He actually left Crunch for a while but the members really wanted him to come back,  and begged for it – so he did.

The past few years I’ve helped Lina (that’s in charge of the NIKE BLAST here in Sweden) with suggesting  – and the booking of – dance presenters and he was one of the presenters I tipped her about for 2013.  He taught two great classes, street jazz and contemporary.

He’s been choreographing for S.Y.T.Y.C.D Ukraine for several seasons and he is traveling a lot teaching and doing workshops.
He’s fast, fun and I just love his style – both choreo – and teaching wise.

Check out his latest street jazz choreo from class here.

Last season he taught at Crunch Lafayette – just like Craig. That’s the club where they have most street/hiphop-classes. Don’t know his exact time slots for fall-13, but my guess is that he’ll be at the same location.

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