The dancing blowfish!

Third day in New York City and it’s just as fantastic as it always is.
It feels like home, fo shizzle, and I kind of like it that I get into my NYC-mode right away. No stress to do touristi stuff – I just do whatever I wanna do. (And it’s not hanging out at Time Sq or Macys, lol)

The purpose with this trip is mainly to have FUN and to take some time off at a place I prefer the most to be at.
Even though I’ll teach a guest class here and present a master class in Miami – I’ll focus on my own training a lot – and my own inspiration refill (in all areas and levels)
I need these moments!

So, I actually didn’t waste any time but went straight to a dance class the same day as I got here.
To stay awake – to get my body moving – and also because I wanted to, obviously.

I’ve been working hard all year – 11-12 classes during the weeks, and some kind of event or workshop every weekend, with a lot of traveling.
Add an 8 hours flight and the time difference to that and I wasn’t at my very best when I got to the class.
I felt really un-centered, stiff/sore, fluid-filled and just super heavy, and my mind was kind of blurry.
It was a a great class though.  Awesome!
Yesterdays body status (and classes) felt better. A tiny blowfish only.

Today – I’m finally a fine fish again, and I’m ready to rock this thursday!

So – if you ever wonder…
My best tips to fight jet lag – get your body moving asap, and you’ll adapt a lot quicker and easier to the rhythm.

Have a great thursday night my friend.
Jazzers – don’t miss Karolina subbing my class. She’s a musical artist – so if you’re lucky she just might do a fancy musical routine with you.

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