Grey-day-analysis! (it was a while ago…)

The QW 4 round is over and out. My last qw’s of 2011 took place yesterday in Göteborg.
The jam-crowd were off the hook, awesome!
And the balance-crowd were really skilled, and the very most of them were also super sweet, open and vibrant.

Then it was a small click of people that put my brain office to work for real.
Yeaaaah – I can feel some analytical coming up… so you might as well just stop reading if you’re not into that!

I’ve chose to work with what I do for many reasons, and one of all the things I love is that I get to surround myself with happy, positive, outgoing people that also are in this business cause they are passionated about it.

I know that I don’t do super important things that affects the world in the same way as the people that’s in the army and are willing to die to protect their country, or the people that spend their life to find a cure for horrible diseases, or the hero-people that becomes fire fighters.. to mention a few. The list can go on forever with examples of heroic people in different ways, but I think you get my point.

I try to help to make the world a better place in the tiny ways I can, like giving  money to charity, giving clothes to the homeless help organizations and by just being there for people around me if and when they need me.

And, I’m happy and grateful that I get to spend my everyday life in a happy, unpretentious, safe and really positive environment.

And the word unpretentious stands for a quality I appreciate a lot in people.
For me – the meaning of it is: not to take things, or oneself, to seriously – and to see the fun in tiny things, and to be able to enjoy the moment even though it’s not necessary an officially grand moment. 

And once again – for me – it is not equal to taking the easy way out or not putting any efforts into things you want to acchieve.

For example:
If I have an initial training, I expect the participants to make the most out of the weekend, and to work really hard.
To put all their effort and energy they can into it, simply: to do their very best.
So, yes – I want them to take it seriously in that way, but it’s more out of respect for them self and to get value for the money, time and energy they are spending – along wih the fact that I believe they will feel better about them self, rather than if they aren’t even trying.

But at the same time – I want them to see the big picture.
It’s “only” dance or training… and it’s a good thing.
So while working hard – why not have fun at the same time?! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
Nothing will break – no one will die if we make a mistake.
And to just have an open mind – and open attitude and take joy in that we’re able to spend hours and days of doing the things we love so much. 

If we’re getting stressed out by a difficult move or pose, or a not-super-cool-song – if that’s our stress.. then we have a great life. Fo shizzle.

So why DO you wanna attend an activity or education or session that you have chosen for your self with an attitude that everything is wrong – right from the start? With out not want to say hello, return a smile or even eye contact? Or share your opinion as if you’re in an angry argue?!

Bad days are allowed – but bad attitudes are not – if I get to say.

So the biggest THANK YOU and lots of LOVE and respect to all of the people that make my life GREAT!

The people I know and the people that just are brushing by in a quick meeting… all of you have an impact and I’m so happy for all the positive, happy and sparkling energy that exists in our business.
It will outlive the few negative vibes that will pass by every now and then.

I know some of you might call me naive – but I’ve said it before: I rather be naive than cynical and bitter – and I hope I stay like that still when I’m really really old, and doing my yoga on the roof top. Cause – yeah – by then I will have a roof top. 🙂

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