Hey Monday, how’s your wknd?

I never did the HotMOJO® filming during the easter weekend for different reasons, but instead I did it this past weekend. I had an awesome group of 10 people that joined me for a special class. Most of them had never tried the class before, but they did great.

If you wanna come and do HotMOJO®yoga with me, I’m still teaching it wednesday’s 10.00!

I also had a meeting last week, with the lovely Mattias that’s made my website.
He helped me finalize the gallery-updates, and I’ve updated most of the text, so if you want to – take a look around at the site, and also don’t forget to visit my youtube-channel.

This week, I’ll be teaching all of my classes and also monday next week – then I’ll be gone for 10 days and it’ll be subs in all my classes.

Tonight; street at St Eriksbron – it’ll be an old favourite today. Come join me!

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