I ♥ Nike, still!

…something I’ve said before – I know, but it still applies.

I’ve been sponsored for 10 years to be exact.
But our collaboration doesn’t feel old – it’s quite the opposite actually. It’s something that constantly envolve, grow and change.

And you might  have known the team as Team Nike, Nike Elite, Nike Instructor Team – and now me and 11 other instructors represents the Nike Trainers, which is the 2011 edition.

We’ve had a great weekend together this past weekend – under the direction of our super creative and professional boss Lina.
THANK YOU trainers, and THANK YOU Lina!!

I had a blast, even though it’s only june! : )

Lovely chicas chillin on the porch… with an equal lovely dude in the background that does his best to get in to the pictures… and he did – thanks to the delay on the camera.

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