Morning Strezzzz!

Wondeful wonderful spring time and bright light days! Love it!

About that summer routine I posted a couple of weeks ago…
Yesterday when I came to the gym to teach my early morning class ay 6.45 am, the front desk gal had overslept.
When I came around 6.20 my entire class, along with the spinning class that’s at the same time – and a few gym visitors were standing outside on the sidewalk, waiting.

St Eriksbron that’s only a few minutes away had morning class at the same time – so I couldn’t really bring them there 🙂
But we called our manager – who called the poor sleeping lady that was supposed to open the gym at 6 am – and she threw herself into a cab.
Imagen that stress to walk up when more than 60 ppl are standing and waiting for you.
Most of them were very understanding and calm though. I’m convinced it’s the light and the summer that’s about to take off that helps a lot.
And we did the whole class (minus the twisting track) and finished right on time. No harm done!

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