Report from the Beatz-floor!

The Beatz 02 event yesterday went great.
Second time around, and it was just as fun as the first time.
We had some people coming back – and some new people joining.

One thing (among many) that I like about the Beatz-crowd is that they are entering this day with an open mind – and even though they might taking some class (or classes) that they don’t normally do – they are beeing just fine with it. 

It’s when you decide in advance that “this is gonna be hard, to hard”
Well – of course it’s hard then, cause your state of mind is already set – and your entire body can feel it. 
But yesterday I felt quite the opposite. 
People were relaxed, curious, happy and positive – which makes it so much easier to learn and follow, and most of all enjoy. And I love to teach to that kind of people.
So, I had a lot of fun!

I taught one street class, as I teach it when I teach on gym, with music on going and a flow in the class.
And then I taught a lyrical-ish jazz class as a pure dance lesson. And ended that with a longer stretch since that was the last class of the day.

This is gonna be a recurring event, for sure. So if you have requests and wishes about classes and styles, email me or Robert.
And stay tuned on the facebook page, for news and upcoming info!

Some mingle pics from yesterday

Katrin & Vera, chillin’ in between classes

Many lovely ladies!

Latino Rob!
Awesome crowd!

Thank y’all for coming! ♥

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