Routines for the summer!

Summer’s coming up – and with that the summer schedule!
It’s a puzzle fo shizzle, with all three different periods of the summer – and classes that are either reduced or replaced.

Since it’s kind of a week to week schedule with many classes and instructors it’s important to be super clear to avoid ‘no shows’ and cancelled classes.
At SATS cancelled classes are a pure disaster. Angry and disappointed members is one reason obviously, but it also affects the internal statistic race between the centers every month, big time.

It’s important that all the routines are followed with other words.
The other day –  the training manager at one of the clubs I’m teaching at sent out an email with a list of summer routines.
Like I said – I get that it’s important that everything runs smoothly but this… is too funny.

Klasser tidig morgon är troligen den absolut svåraste situationen att vara i om du som instruktör blir akut sjuk alternativt om receptionisten inte öppnar centret i tid, OM det mot all förmodan skulle ske att en receptionist försover sig och inte hinner öppna centret i tid för en morgonklass, så kan du som GTI ta med medlemmarna till ett närliggande center och köra din klass där.
Detta har hänt på SATS tidigare och det räknas inte som en inställd klass.

For my english speaking readers, it basically says that early morning classes are the trickiest to solve if you get sick in the last minute OR if the front desk staff sleep in and doesn’t open up the gym on time.
But if THAT happens you (as an instructor) should take your group of participants and walk with them to another SATS club and teach the class there instead.
Cause that does not count as a cancelled class = it won’t affect the statistic in the internal race.

Is it just me – or isn’t this a super odd “routine”?! It made me smile at least.
Let’s hope it doesn’t happen!!

Summer schedule @ SATS starts monday june 11th. (w.24) and summer schedule @ House of Shapes starts monday june 4th (w. 23)

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