Superhot, Lean and…HUMBLE!!

One of the things you do before a convention is to send in a short presentation of your self and your class/classes.
For the organizer to use at the website, or fliers. Since I have pretty many events coming up, it feels like I’ve been emailing tuns of descriptions back and forward lately.

It’s a bit like a contact add – sort of.
In a few sentences you’re suppose to highlight your specialties, attract people and sell yourself, your brand and your product.
But even though the presenter write it him(or her)self it’s always written in third person.

This year I helped Lina to proofread all the presentations before they got published.

It’s always fun to go through – cause you can clearly see trends here as well.

In the 90’s the most popular line was something like;
XX is a frequently hired presenter with the entire world as working place.
That covered pretty much every hot presenter back then. 

This year for NIKE BLAST the favourite word was lean.
All of the hard core classes had the word lean in the description.
Lean is the new black. And – who doesn’t wanna be lean?!

Or – the classic;
XX is a humble instructor….
Well – the first sign of not being very humble is when you write it yourself…ha!

This is not me complains or judging. Just me observing – and then ramble about it.
You know I like to do that once in a while…
My descriptions is no better than others, LOL!


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