The Blasting continues…

February is the month for Nike Nordic.
All three Nike Blasts are lined up the weekends after each others.
2012 I’ll present in Stockholm and in Helsinki, Finland.

I’ve been to Nike Finland several times, I think this will be the 6th time. And it’s always a pleasure. I’m doing a whole bunch of classes there:

AfHo – as I’m presenting in Stockholm the week before.
A funky fusion with Afro & House as the strongest influences.

Sassy Jazz – A dance class with the roots in the traditional jazz technique, with a show dance-twist on it. Inflenced as well from contemporary, musicals and mtv. Lights, camera & action!

Pilates/Core  – Traditional pilates on a matt and/or functional core exercises that build your strengt from the inside and out. A great complement to dance classes for example. Improve your technique within other way of training by having a great core stability.

BODYJAM®60-team with the Funky Fin; Kimmo!

And finally, I’m doing a choreography workshop. How to experiment with pretty simple moves within different styles, and how to use the music at its most. Sort of!

So, all my finish (and nearby) friends – hurry up to register – and I hope to see you feb 11th 2012!

Here’s me and awesome Eddie from the last year’s Nike Blast Helsinki!!

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