Three words =

A fierce friday!

I started the day by teaching my BODYBALANCE™ at Zenit.
I LOVE the fact that the studio there is just a tiny bit warmer than most other studios at SATS. And BODYBALANCE™ 53 is a pretty tough release (if you want to) so in the sun salutation the sweat was… dripping. Which might seems gross but still something I prefere a million times before freezing.

Olle joined me for the class – with a positive vibe and a great effort as always!
And then I hooked up with the awesome and always very gorgeous Maria – and headed out to Frösunda Vik for the Topphälsa Training Camp.
This is the first time Topphälsa organizes this weekend-event in Stockholm.
It started at 13.00 today, friday, and finishes at sunday afternoon.
It’s a weekend filled with classes, lectures and workshops. And most of the partipants stay at the hotel – with unlimited access to the spa and a super cozy surrounding. Sounds pretty great to me!

I taught a streetdance class today, and the crowd were very happy, open minded and positive. And the venue where we do all the classes – it’s awesome!
Some of the participants are mingling before class.

Erika – the lovely training editor at Topphälsa helped out with all kinds of stuff.
Such as getting Jari miked up – who taught after me this afternoon.

Lena, my co-worker at SATS is also one of the presenters for the weekend.
Tomorrow I’m presenting Tribal House – can’t wait.
And, after that, the rest of the weekend is dedicated to BODYJAM®57.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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