The ViPR-hype that started in the US the summer of 2010 have now arrived in Sweden – well, at SATS anyway.

SATS will launch ViPR as a group fitness class during a period of time, starting next week, as an ‘event class’

During my 2010-stay in NYC I tried it.
It was when I wrote about NYC-trends for the Fitness Magazine – and this was one of the latest buzz by then. 
So, I got a private session at Equinox from the super awesome and sweet trainer Amanda Nugent.

Equinox still offers it as a group fitness class, and a gym tool at certain locations. 

Amanda made the session fun and tough – but I imagen she would have done any workout fun and tough.
And, I could have used any other tool – like a weight plate – and acchieved the same effect.

My personal opinion:

If you’re in to different training tools – yes, this is a fun (new) option = variety.
And I can see that personal trainers can use it as a complement in their sessions – to spice it up a little.
Just like TRX. But I believe in it more as a PT, or an individual gym-tool than for a large crowd in the group fitness studio. Just like I do with TRX, and kettlebell.

How ever – with the right trainers & instructors, marketing and packaging (you might remember my earlier posts) you can make ANYTHING hot and fun!

For me – I think the trend of 2012 will move more towards ideas like the NTC-app. Nike Training Club.
It’s quite the opposite to all the new tools.
It’s an application that works as your personal trainer – and you can do the workout anywhere – anytime – for free.

Also – don’t miss the NTC-classes at THE NIKE BLAST. They come with different themes. And the lady that created the app is coming to teach it in person, together with the swedish kick ass Nike Trainers.

I don’t thing ViPR is bad – but I don’t think it’s revolutional either.
I think it’s a fun tool that’ll last for a while… as long as I don’t have to perform the exercises to the pace in the music.
That would feel a bit 90’s. 🙂

From Fitness Magazine (Åsa & the city)

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