A friday in flight mode!

I woke up at 4.40! Yes – that’s right, 04.40 am.
And then my trip looked like this:
Stockholm – Oslo (Norway)
Oslo – Trondheim
Trondheim – Mo i Rana, which is upnorth in Norway.

And the last flight was that kind of flight I really do not appreciate.
A tiny propeller plane and just a few seats.
But I’m alive (which I’m so happy and grateful for) and I got here safe and sound.

I’m holding a BODYJAM® initial training module, for Friskhuset.
And since we started pretty late this afternoon we kept it going pretty late as well. So when we’re done for the night I figured that it was less than 12 hours before we’d be back in the studio for the first presentation.

A bit less time than usual, but the best thing is to just make the best and most out of the situation, right?!

The funniest thing is that one of the instructors in the training is a former class buddy to me, from Danscenter.
She had to drop out of school earlier than the rest of the class though, beacuse of back problems.
And instead she studied to become a psycologist – which she now is working as, here in Mo i Rana of all the places.
Besides that she’s teaching classes at Friskhuset, and now she’s about to become a BODYJAM® instructor as well.
Just Awesome!

Besides that – I’ve had a pretty rough week. Not really anything in particular, but several minor things that’s been taking a lot of energy… so I’m pretty washed up right now.
SO – I’m going to sleep now – while the school class that stays at the same hotel will continue partying I guess.

I don’t mind actually. I prefere some noice rather than total silence. 🙂

Looking forward to day II.

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