AfHo® instructors training!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to educate yourself to become an AfHo® instructor.
It’s my very own concept – and class – that is a real cardio blast at the same time as you get to do some serious ass-shaking, move your feet, groove it out and express yourself in liberating upperbody movements that will make any ‘office postures’ go away in no time.

For further info about the class – go to this post. 

And check out the event on Facebook.

Since this is a one day training – it’s mainly aiming to you that already is an instructor.

Maybe you teach zumba or afro – and are looking to expand your class-reportiore… or maybe you teach something completely different and are up for a challenge and variety for your own fun.

April 20th is the date for the first open training in Stockholm.
11.00 – 18.00, it’s gonna be a day full of dance, sweat, practice and great fun.
Hope to see you!

If you want to try the class, I’m teaching AfHo® every thursday at HoS, 11.45-12.30 – email me for a guest pass.

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