Alive n kickin…

Since I got back home from the US – it’s been ridiculous. You know – when everything happens at the same time.
Like for example;
I needed to learn the new warm up for HoS – 4 tracks, and also the new BODYBALANCE® release as well as the new BODYJAM® along with the educational sessions for both programs.
Also, it was time to learn the new HotMOJO® release, and finally – I needed to choreograph two new street-routines and start with a new jazz.

None of these things are super hard – it just became a lot, at the same time. Which made me kind of stressed. And I’ve had to really stop myself once in a while to not be to far ahead in my mind, so I miss out the presence.

Past weekend it’s been the first rounds of quarterlies – and I did three of them in Malmö and one in Halmstad.
I’ve had the pleasure to present the new releases to an entire bunch of sweet, talented and awesome instructors in both cities.
In Halmstad something weird happened though. In the relaxation/mediation there was one instructor lying in the front that surfed on her iPhone the entire time. I could see that she was checking her facebook for example.
How about that?! I wonder how she does in her own classes..!

This week – I’ll be teaching all my classes, before I’m heading to the Les Mills European trainer summit in Rome. From there – straight to Estonia and more quarterlies, and then a fast BODYJAM®visit to Göteborg, which ends this qw round.

I hope to see you somewhere in the mingle.

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