BODYBALANCE™ 56 is in the building! Well – it has been for a while I guess.
This was the second and last weekend of quarterlies in the capital and also the second round of BODYBALANCE™56.
I had a great group of about 50 people that joined me this a m a z i n g spring day.
I’m happy – accept with one thing.

When I handed out the kits (dvd, music and choreo) I accidentally handed out my own.
So – someone is gonna have a kit without the CD and without the choreo notes. Which means – someone’s gonna be very angry.

I’m sorry!!
How ever I don’t think that person read my blog – but you never know.
I carried up the boxes from the front desk and put my stuff on top of it.. and I guess the kit just ended up lying there, and I thought it was one the new ones.
Well – apart from that I’m happy with the day, and I’m grateful for the meeting with all the lovely, talented and positive instructor.

Now – I’m on the most shaky train ever (car sick – or train sick then – as h***) almost in Malmö where I’ll be first flowing then shaking my ass.

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