Dance @ Danscenter!

Yesterday I was teaching at Danscenter, for their professional program.
I’ve went to their program – a long time ago – and I loved that school.

Besides the three main techniques (ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary) that you train in most educations, street dance was mandatory on the schedule.
“Regular” street dance, street funk (which was a bit more old school) and then break dance.
Then we had this class called “impro & staging” where we worked on how to werk the stage – and the impro was to get to know the music even better and work on the musicality and the different feels and rhythms and so on.

I really liked my time there – cause it felt like the school and the teachers really cared about their students, and also, the teachers didn’t feel tired or un-motivated (at least not back then ;)) not like they did when I went to the one year preparatory school at the Ballet Academy, even more way back.

I had class with the year 2 students – and I’ve met them earlier in the fall as well. A very sweet and nice class, and flexible 🙂 Cause yesterday I had a stretch/flexibility class with them for 90 minutes. Kind of good for me too, hehe…

If you – or someone you know – wants to know more about the school and their daytime educations, check out their film.

They also have hobby classes, night time and in the weekends.
Go to their website to check that out.

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