Feedback or not?!

To my fellow instructors & teachers!
Just out of curiosity – what approach do you go for when you attend a class for a friend and/or a co-worker?

Are you the kind of person that feel the need of giving them a bit of feedback after the class? And if you do that – what is your main purpose by doing that?
Or, do you say anything at all?
Are you the smiley and outgoing person during the class – or do you go inside your bubble to focus on your own training only?

I’d never give feedback to a friend or a co-worker if I just attend a class for my own sake.

I’d do it if they’ve specifically asked me to come to the class in my role as a Les Mills-trainer or dance teacher for example – but that’s another story.
Not if I go on my initiative.

IfI’m thinking – I’m there to take class for someone that doesn’t teach like me – or do my choreo, and if I take a class for my own fun it’s not my job to find things that they can do better.. or look for things to pick at, ‘just cause’.
That’s just not how I roll – in any situation.
In that case – if they do ask me spontaniously after, I tend to focus on the positive things that made the class good (in my eyes)

But like I always say – we’re all different, and I’d be happy to hear how you roll.


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