Hanna is the Nike Top Instructor 2012!

The 2012’s edition of the NIKE TOP INSTRUCTOR went just fine.
It was the last class at saturday (17.00) so I guess people started to dip a little bit – but the crowd that did came to support the contestants were awesome, and it wasn’t any lack of energy in studio 4.

The instructors that competet presented 10 min each to participants – with a jury present.

Then – the winner was announced on sunday – after the last class on the big main stage.
This year the lucky (and talented) winner was Hanna Lundh from Halmstad.
She presented a jazzy choreo, and she was very well in sync with the music, and had a lot of personality – and energy – on stage.

All of the finalists ROCKED – millions of thank you for such a great effort from all of you!
I wish I had taken a picture of all of you together… but I had a lot of things on my mind and totally forgot about that… to bad!

The winner gets 15 000 sek in Nike Products – a brand new wardrobe, with other words.


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