Heading towards EU-summit!

After two days of pure vacation (well needed I might add) and staying in a super cozy hotel in the central Rome we moved our selves out to the conference hotel a little bit more off centre where the Les Mills summit is going off starting tomorrow (tuesday) with registration and then on wednesday for real.

All the trainer managers are having lectures and meetings all day today which means that Fredrik is super busy, and I was planning on chillin by the pool, and werk my tan but after two days of amazing weather it’s grey outside today. (What’s up with that?!)

My swedish team trainers starts to arrive during the day today though, and tomorrow morning, so I’ll definitely have some company later on.
And – it’s a Sephora in the town so no worries, ha!

Since I’ve been hanging out in the US a lot the past years – I’ve been to the US summit a couple of times, and I also went for the Global Summit in NZ back in 2008 – but I’ve actually never been to a Euro Summit. So this is premiere for me.

I know a lot more of the US trainer than the Europan, obviously – so it’s gonna be exciting to see what and who this few days are bringing.

We’ll be working with the programs that we train – which obviously means that I’ll be doing BODYJAM® and BODYBALANCE® stuff all days long.

The amazing weather is supposed to come back tomorrow so I hope for some pool hang as well.

Of course we’ve done all the touristy things. 🙂

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