Sunday was equally wonderful as saturday!!

My classes;
FEMME FATALE on the Globen-stage with the gorgeous Åsa Eriksson and Kristin Sudeikis was a true blast and a happy moment. The feel was relaxed, laid back – yet a positive dancy energy.
THANK YOU dancers for bringing all your female spirit into it.

AfHo in the dance studio rocked.
It was the very last class at the entire event, and that’s a bit of a tricky time slot. The participants have been rocking for two full days, and they’ve taken classes – one more fantastic and creative than the other and it’s a million impressions.
And, maybe maybe – they feel a bit tired both mentally and physically…

So I just went for it – not to many stops to think or feel – but just to dance one last class, and sweat it all out. And I’m very very happy with the class. We had it going and it became a party class. THANK YOU rockstar-heroes and heroines. I love you!

And also, everything besides the classes that made this weekend to a magical moment.
The people – the über positive vibe – the energy – the love – the pulse – the MUSIC – friends – the trainer team – the presenters – the awesome staff – the great dance shows – the atmosphere… and on and on.
I’m truy blessed – and I feel so lucky – to have experienced another NIKE BLAST, or should I say NIKE BLISS!

My friend and Nike Boss, Ms Lina Andersson, get to hear this a lot these days (as she should) and I really hope that she can take it all it.

She’s a f***ing natural talent and an event organizer professional.
The office people at Nike are blown away with this event, just like I am.
She doesn’t settle with the success of one year but she keep working, develop and improve the event from year to year – to surprise and to stun all of us.
Why follow when you can lead the way?
It doesn’t get more Nike than that, right?!
Just do it!

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