One more work-weekend!

This weekend I’m doing an initial training module, in BODYJAM® here in Stockholm.
It’s my fourth BJ-module of 2011 – and it’s also my last module of the year.
It’s a lot of “last’s” these days, right?
The crowd is really international this time, besides the swedish peeps there are two danes and three norwegians.
The entire Nordics are covered, almost! It was actually supposed to come a finish gal as well – but didn’t.

First day is done – and tomorrow it’s time for the first presentation – and the second as well.
As always, I’m really excited to see what they’re bringing.
For me – it’s all about giving feedback and be supportive, nice – but fair and just all over the place to get them to dance their asses of.

Looking forward to a good day tomorrow.

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