Post Yoga Snooze!

So – the weekend of hotness is over and I’ve decide to give it a go…
THURSDAY 17.00 is the time slot to remember if you wanna try HotMOJO® with Åsa F.

And if I don’t enjoy teaching it in the long run – I’m sure some of my awesome co-workers would love to step in and take over.

So – THURSDAY february 9th is when we kick start, will you join me?

And listen to this…
It’s only FIVE days left to THE NIKE BLAST!!! I’m so insanely psyched!!  This upcoming week I’ll dedicate to the last prepping and polishing, and I can’t wait to see you all NIKE BLAST people in the Globe! YEAH!

Sleep well people, I know I will!
With this little buddy snoozing on the floor right next to me.

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