Radiation or to radiate.. almost the same thing!

Busy times…

This weekend – the Les Mills QW’s took off.
The schedule have been pushed around for a bit and I ended up teaching my first one yesterday in Stockholm. Love it when it’s on the home ground. Then 10.15 is not that hard – when the gym is about 17 min walk from home.
BODYBALANCE® 59 is awesome and – like I’ve said before – much more instant love than the previous one.
The educational session this time is pretty quick and smooth to run through. It’s an extension of the one that came with the qw 2/12.
Of course I could do a 45 min of BS-ing, just cause.
But I think the crowd’s to good and clever for that. So we ran it through in 30 min. And then the master class.

In the standing strenght track there’s an arm combo called tribal arms – and I’ve been teaching this class for two weeks now, several times a week.
But yet – I forgot the arms on the first side. Classic! What to do?! 🙂
Besides that – the class felt great, and the crowd was awesome! A lot of co-workers, former co-workers, instructors that’s been to initial training with me.. friends, and familiar faces. Great energy and good vibes!

Then I headed to the next event, the charity event that Bloggar om träning hosted to collect money for the Ung Cancer-organisation.
I taught BOYDBALANCE®59 there as well, and I had about 40 ppl joining me. Which is about 2000 sek. Every little helps make a difference…

This week, I’ll put most of my focus on the upcoming qw’s for next weekend, BODYJAM® in both Göteborg and Stockholm.
I would like to invest some of my time in choreographing – new stuff for my classes – but I feel like I’ve been under this time pressure for quite a few weeks now.
Like my friend said on my voicemail this morning; it feels like I am working all.the.time.
Indeed! The past weeks it feels like I’ve been working all the time my entire waking hours.

Tuesday – I felt this annoying pressure over my heart and radiations to the arms… Kind of a stress-symptom I believe…
I’m lucky to have a job though. I classify this as a luxery problem.
Rather radiations of to much work than anxiety from to little…

Enjoy your monday night people – I know I will – with the lovable monday night crew at the bridge!

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