Some every day magic!

I’m not a fan of musicals… I got a ticket to the Rock of Ages premiere here in Stockholm earlier this year.

I did not have high expectations since the movie sucks.. and is one of the few movies that I turned off, after 15 min.
But somehow I figured it would be better as a musical… it was not. It was equal as bad as the movie, if not worse.

So I’m kind of surprised myself of how much I love the TV-show SMASH. It’s absolutely amazing.
It’s neat visually, it’s New York and it’s just awesome.
I watched five episodes in a row the other day and got so inspired.
Here’s a clip that just went straight to my heart, for many reasons.
Maybe not so moving like this, totally out of context – but it was goose bumps on my arm, watching this.

Magic sure reaches out from everywhere… even from my little laptop.

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