Summer Dance!

Here’re a few tips if you plan to be in the city (Stockholm that is) for the summer and want to take classes.

Bounce Summer Camp, obviously.
For the 10th year in a row. How about that? Awesome!
I was there the very first year they offered the camp, but after that I haven’t been able to get it into my schedule. (haven’t really spent a lot of summers in Sweden lately) Don’t really know if there are any spots left though. The camp will be held at House of Shapes this year.

Diambra Summer Drop In 
I love this arrangement – when you can chose to pay per class, or pay for 10 classes if you like.
But you don’t need to sign up for a whole package.
I like the teachers and classes Diambra offers, and a special shout out to my homie Hanna!
Don’t miss this opportunity to take her class.

Danscenter Summer Workshop
Different techniques, styles and classes in july and half of august. Check it out!

 The “international” summer workshops at the Ballet Academy (the other places doesn’t exactly feel un-international compared to BA I must say)
I took the summer classes here a long time ago, when I was in high school and at the preparatory school at BA – and when I look at the schedule a lot of the teachers are pretty much the same.
So, for me it feels a bit mossy, and not as updated as the other places.
But it’s a good thing that you can get different stuff at different places – that I DO like, and support to 100%.
That means greater choice and availability and for that, I’m all in!

I’ll be teaching street at SATS St Eriksbron all summer (except w. 30 & 31) so if you wanna come – shoot me an email.
For my other classes, take a look under ‘news’ on my site.

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