Back in Stockholm after three pretty intense days in Copenhagen and the BODYJAM® initial training module.

It’s almost like I’m wondering if it really happened.
You know, from friday morning when the alarm went off at 4 am, until now – the time have literally swooshed by – in a ridiculously high speed.
I’ve managed to be 100% present all weekend though. And, enjoyed every minute of it.
My guess is that it makes the time go even faster.
Being present, and enjoying my minutes (hours, days, nights, weeks, months and so on..)  is something I’m actively working on – and have become so much better at, which I’m grateful for.

Every day we all get completely bombarded by lots and lots of words of wisdom, quotes and incitements that tells us to live our lives, seize the day, catch the moment and so on.
(I’ve been bloging about this urging-phenomenon before – and you might know what I think about this total flood of wisdom)
Cause honestly – how many practice it for real.. I mean, for real.

Do you really live your life like there is no tomorrow..?
Do you really LOVE like you never loved before?! Or – like you’ve never been hurt before (talk about quoting, Robyn FTW)

Unfortunately – unless something really overwhelming or traumatic have happened in our lives and forced us to pick up that wake up call – a lot of people don’t.

Out of fear, prestige, pride.. or even laziness. At least that’s what I think. I might be wrong… (it’s a good thing if I’m wrong)

So – during my coaching & therapy sessions that I started with almost 4 years ago I’ve been working with this, among other things.
To be awake, aware and to try to live – and experience – my life the way I want to. To be able to just stop once in a while… and simply enjoy all the cool stuff I get to do, and have worked really hard to be able to do, as well as all the amazing people I get to meet.
And also – like I started this [unnecessary] long amplification – to be present!

The satisfaction when I do succeed – priceless. And this weekend definitely classifies as a success in that area! Yay!

Anywho – here’s the mandatory group pic of the awesome crowd = 14 dancing danes that’s been jamming all weekend long.


No, but prep-time before one of the presentations… with one last check of the dvd.

Here, I accidentally took a photo instead of filming while Gitte taught her track…That happens at least about one time per training. (I did film her too, I might add)

Thank you Copenhagen for having me – and awesome job danish jammers of november 2012!!

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