Sweet and sour…

Yesterday was a sweet day… at least the beginning of it.

Yesterday’s work = to teach a BODYBALANCE™ quarterly at SATS Hötorget.
It was a packed class – and more than half of the instructors that participated was my own awesome co-workers from SATS, and among the rest it was no more than a lot of familiar (and just lovely) faces.

When it is on the home ground – city wise – but also literally – at my club where I teach every week with a crowd of well known people, that I work with – it can either be just extra awesome, warm and positive… Or it might be just the opposite, a little extra harsh.

But I chose for it to be the first option – and I had a great time balancing with a lot of talented instructors.
And – I love the release of 55. (maybe not fully unexpected)

Later on it was christmas party time with my home club, SATS Fridhemsplan. I’m not exaggerating when I’m saying that this was like the first time ever I could join a social event with Fridhemsplan. Since I’m working a lot of weekends I’m never around – or available for these kinds of events.

I ended up right next to the spinning instructor that thinks blogging is the most ridiculous ever… and he didn’t pass up an opportunity to mock me for mine. 
But – I can take it. 🙂
I also mock blogs every now and then – those who only contains a lot of food-pics; break fast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner etc. Hehe!
We’re all allowed to a free opinion, right?

Unfortunately – during the dinner – the migrain from hell joined me.
She (or he – more likely a he 😉 ) have been in the background for a few days – and when I was done with the work, and had an entire day off ahead of me – it sort of exploaded.
So – I sneaked out right before the party was about to begin for real. Isn’t that just typical?
But – after yet another hard core and just awesome – thai massage , several pain killers and some sunday-slowday-recovery it feels a bit better.

This upcoming week, I’ll be here all week and teaching my classes.
This is also the last week before xmas schedule at HoS.
Hope to see you somewhere!

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