Two [very different] Events…

One of the things (among many other) I truly appreciate with my job is the variety. Of work, environment, people, energy and obviously – the actual task.

The two upcoming weekends I’ve got two different events booked.
First up is the Spa and the city-event at Selma Spa this weekend.  It’s starting off this afternoon already – but I’m heading there tonight after my class at House of Shapes.

I’ll be teaching three classes at the event, BODYBALANCE®59 tomorrow morning, AfHo® tomorrow afternoon and then a very special Spa and the City class sunday noon.
How about that?
The vibe for the weekend is suppose to be kind of luxury-glamour-big-city-energy meets the calm and stillness of the countryside.
I’ll be representing the big city vibe, foremost.
And beside all the fabulous classes and the spa & relax there will be opportunities to take private coaching sessions, private singing lessons… and of course: cocktails.
Tonight it’s a classic cocktail party and tomorrow there will be a white party.

(And if I’m allowed to be a bit negative just for a sec, not only seem white partys very 2000 – but what’s the deal with throwing one in NOVEMBER… Is it the clothes or the skin tone that counts? And, since I’m not an actual guest – I will refuse to wear white, ha!)

Anywho – I think it’s gonna be an awesome weekend.

NEXT sunday – I’ll take part in a completely different event, organized by Bloggar om träning – and the energetic Åsa governing the entire thing.
It’s a charity event where all the money goes to benefit the Ung Cancer.
It’s a whole bunch of classes – and each class costs 50 sek (or more)

I’ll swoop in directly from the BODYBALANCE® QW, to present – yes, that’s right – yet another BODYBALANCE®.
Of course I’ll do the new release, 59!
Which by the way, is a LOVELY release.
For me – much more instant love than the previous release.

I think you should join me.
Come and workout with other people that share your passion – celebrate life – and take the opportunity to spend your money, energy and time on a great cause. Make that day count. Make that workout count.
My class starts 14.00.

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