Just arrived in Gothenburg (to my foreign readers –  Gbg is a smaller city, the second biggest city in Sweden located on the west coast. Stockholm is on the east coast. = Today’s geography lesson)  and at Sportlife Majorna – who actually used to be my favorite gym in Gbg, back in the days when Anchi ruled the house.
This is where I held my first initial training in Sweden back in 2006 – which was the second one I did on my on my very own. (the very first one was in Finland)

It doesn’t look the same [at all] now though – but still a cozy gym.
This is an additional quarterly that was added after the original schedule was sent out to all instructors, and it’s a rather tiny crowd of 16 ppl that’s gonna shake their asses with me this afternoon.

BODYJAM®63! What I can say about the release?!
The music is AWESOME!
Since this is a rather mainstream and easygoing class where the focus not at all is on doing advance choreo or tricky moves – it’s all about the music (and feel)
And, this time, it’s a big YES from me.
It’s made to play really (really really) LOUD!

My homie Mysti is one of the dvd-presenters.. and she’s a rockstar, of course. But I knew that already.

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