3 x teaching!

This friday started off at SATS Spårvagnshallarna 7 am (which feels like for ever now) and HotMOJO®. I like the new program, #10 – open heart. But then – I’m a huge fan of all kinds of back bend.

From MOJO-back bends to BODYBALANCE®-back bends at St Eriksbron (and one or two other poses too obviously)
Anna and Kristin that I’m presenting with at the NIKE BLAST joined me for today’s class. Our first rehearsal-class together (and also the first time I taught release no 60)

We have two more rehearsal classes together next week – and I’ll also teach it on my own in all my classes.
(It might be a sub in the wed morning class – don’t know just yet)
It’s a great release – and it’s not any release – Kristin is presenting on the dvd, rocking it!
She’s got great company of Josef, rocking as well (as usual)

The stage at NIKE BLAST is huge – and it’s always cool to be a lot of people on stage when you got the opportunity – so we’ve got some awesome instructors that’s gonna help us out, shadowing a few tracks.
So, after our class I went to see a couple of them – to give them music and choreo.

Last class of the day = jazz at House of Shapes.
This class is totally different from all my SATS-classes, both in feel and in focus.
I love it!
Check out a clip from tonights class.

Shut Up – Christina Aguilera

Now – ready for a weekend with a lot of practicing and prepping.

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